Elements overlap dropdown values


I experience the issue when html elements like graphs, tables overlap dropdown values:

Screenshot 2023-08-21 at 14.26.52

I know there is similar topic: Datatable header overlaps on dropdown list , but the only solution i see here is to increase the z-index, but the problem i have many dropdowns and i have to make responsive layout.

Screenshot 2023-08-21 at 14.28.11

I don’t see as a good solution to manually specify z-index for each dropdown(like 99, 100, 101, etc).

Dash version: 2.9.2
Works on:
- mac OS ventura, chrome browser version 115
- windows 10, edge browser version 115
Issue happens on:
- windows 10, chrome browser version 116

I know it could be browser version issue, but i had to make it work on any browser/browser version and i didn’t find major changes between chrome version 115 and 116, so maybe someone knows how to solve the issue except manually specify z-index for each dropdown?