Editable rows in DataTable

Hi all! I’m working with DataTable and I would need to set some rows as editable and some other as not editable. I know columns can be set like this but I haven’t found anything related with rows.

My guess is that this is not still implemented and that other questions would arise like what should we do for a cell in an editable row but in a non-editable column…

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Would like to bump up this thread as I’m having the same problem!

What I wish to create is; for existing datas, there are a few columns that user cannot edit.
However when adding rows, I want the user to be able to fill up this “non-editable” columns on existing rows.
Hence I need to disable the editing features on existing rows, but enable on newly added rows.

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Has there been any way around for this? I have the exact same issue now, I have some non editable columns in my table, but when a new row is added, i want to be able to edit add new values in that column for the new records

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You should check out AG Grid for this level of flexibility. :slight_smile:

You can perform conditional editing by having a function that checks for something about the row. :slight_smile:

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I’ve managed to set columns as editable or non-editable, but I’m wondering if there’s a way to do the same thing for individual rows. I haven’t found any information or documentation about row-level editability. My assumption is that this feature might not be implemented yet, and it could raise questions about scenarios like having an editable cell within a non-editable column. I’d appreciate any insights or advice from those who might have experience working with DataTables and have come across similar situations.

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This feature is not available in the DataTable, but you can use Dash AG Grid. You can see an example of conditional editing on this page of the Dash AG Grid docs: Cell Editing | Dash for Python Documentation | Plotly