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Edit table —> remove focus


how can i remove the focus on a cell after i edited a cell on my dashtable? Right now i click to a cell, edit the value, press enter and it jumps to the next cell bellow, colors red and stays focused… how can i fix this?

thanks in advance!


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What would you prefer for it to do? Stay on the existing cell? Remove the focus completely? Note that we’ve modelled this behaviour after Excel and Google Sheets, so it’s not super customizable right now.

thank you for your answer.

remove it completely would be great! Any chance to do that?

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+1 for this feature, is there any way to do that? Thank you

I understand the behaviour, but I’m having a hard time understanding why. Could one of you explain your application a little bit more? Or share a screenshot?

Is this something that is possible. That it deselects once u click enter? Having issue when i i have multiple tables and the selection keeps overriding which table im editing