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Dynamically Query Database based on user's input

Ran into something that I have not dealt before in Dash. Please advise.

I have an application that has an input field. User enters a value and it runs code to get data from database. It transforms the data and display on the app. It has been working fine without any issue. Used this tutorials for database query.
The app has data base credentials in the script. Callback get the input value and call a function that uses the connection to get the data.

New requirement is that multiple users will be using this application. In this case, if multiple query are ran data with different input, query and data transformation will be happening in parallel for multiple users.

Questions, I have in my mind…

How do you handle that? Or is there anything needs to be done on how to take this into an account? Or does Dash does it automatically.

What is the best way to design the app so that if multiple users are accessing the app at the same time and querying the data from the database, it returns the data back to the user.