Dynamic annotation and grouping

Hi all,

I would like to know if it is possible to do something like dynamic annotation as on Google map. As instance if I have a plot of monthly temperature and monthly annotations and I zoom in to go daily temperature with daily annotation.

Thank you
Plotly is amazing

Hey @jc60
That’s a great idea. It’s not possible right now, but here are some workarounds for a similar effect:

  • Plot two traces - one with daily resolution and another with monthly resolution, and click on the legend to toggle between the resolutions
  • Plot monthly and daily in two different subplots
  • Use hover text instead of annotations so that you can include text on each point, in either resolution, without cluttering the graph

I am having a similar issue. I have a plot that shows growth of an investment given a starting asset value, growth rate, inflation, etc. I am allowing users to input additional values that kick in after a period of time eg 10 years from now I will have an additional $500 a month in income. I want to be able to notate where that occurs on the plot, and originally wanted to use a dynamic annotation; I got the annotation to work in the right place, but I can’t conditionally turn it on or off based on whether the user has entered a value or not.

Can I use hover text and place it on a specific point on the plot? In the examples I have seen before there is a static list of data points and an array of hover text. In my case I won’t know the coordinates until the data for the plot is rendered, so I don’t think the array will work, I will need to address the coordinates in a specific way with the hover text.

Hopefully the question and issue make sense. Thanks for any assistance.