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Dropdown menu does not show all the options

So I have managed to make a similar chart as
However, this example only has few categories : Gold, Silver, Bronze, Total.
I have realized that when I have a long list of these categories more than what can fit in one page, it does not scroll down and only shows top 20 or so.
I don’t think it is a bug in my code, but I think it’s how plotly renders the dropdown. I have attached a picture that shows the problem. See how you can only see until Clickio? I cannot scroll down to see the rest of drop down menues.

Has anyone resolved this issue?

Ha. Nice dropdown!

Unfortunately, dropdown items aren’t scrollable at the moment. For the complete list of open update menu items, go to

I’d recommend either increasing the bottom margin e.g go.Layout(margin=dict(b=150)) in python and splitting up your items item multiple dropdowns.

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