Dropdown label not showing when using list as value


I have an issue with the dropdown when I am providing a list as value. The filter function itself is working but the label of the active filter is not shown once selected (dropdown is just blank).

My code:

    {'label': 'Segment 1', 'value': ['Option 1, Option 2']},
    {'label': 'Segment 2', 'value': ['Option 3']}
],className="row filter"

The labels are not showing in the dropdown when selecting an option. The reason I need a list as value is because in the underlying filter function I have a filter for the dataframe with the following line where I provide multiple possible values for the column:

dff = df[df['mycolumn'].isin(dropdown)]

Is there any workaround or solution how to fix this?

Dropdown is blank as you can’t have lists for values. Each option/value pair needs to be a string. Would allowing the user to select multiple values from the dropdown work for you? see multi option for Dropdown?

Multi value drop down would be a confusing user experience as I have an ‘All’ filter and other combinations which would lead in the same results.
I solved it by adding all list values into an if loop in the callback.