Dropdown inputs used as output in a DataTable

I am relatively new to Dash, and i was hoping to get some help with a problem I’m trying to solve.

My initial data-set is a CSV file containing a list of locations.
I want to be able to select certain locations from the multi DropDown component, and then press the Add Row button, and have rows of however many options selected put into the first column of a DataTable. Then i can then enter values and perform calculations in other columns in order to score each location.

Update: Using the add row example from the dash user guide i was able to piece together some code to accomplish what I want, but I’m stuck on an error that i cant seem to fix. You’ll find the code as-well as the error message below, any help is appreciated.
The error appears to be in line 50, ({c[‘id’]: ‘’ for c in columns})

make an html.Div(id=“my-div”) component in you layout and create a call back from where you insert a new dash table in you div children.
Output(‘my-div’, ‘children’),
def reset_table(my_dropdown_values):
return [datatable]

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would you mind looking at the snapshot i posted? I updated the question and would appreciate any assistance