Drawing/CADing in Dash apps


I’m developing an app where I’d like to allow the users to draw shapes (CAD) i.e. with dimensioning, grids, snap and so on.
I’m realising this might be a bit outside the scope for plotly graphs, but looking at Shapes in Python, there seems to be at least some functionality.

Would it be possible in Dash? Or should i go for html5 or webgl for stuff like this?

Thanks a lot!

hi @Bjeff
That’s a good question.

As far as I know, you can draw rectangles, circles, and line with Dash using the image annotations.
I don’t know of anything else that would allow you to draw shapes with Dash specifically.

Thank you for your response!
I will look into the image annotations and see if I can customise it enough to make it work. I might have to turn to HTML canvas and start from scratch.

I must say though, Plotly is really impressive and fun to work with.

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