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Download as png does not work anymore, says Snapshot succeded newplot.png

I updated Plotly and Dash and now my plot does not create a PNG file for download anymore. Instead a little message box appears that the file newplot.png was created.

How can I get the old behaviour? It does not help my users to create a file locally.
The message boxes look nice though.

- dash==2.0.0
- dash-bootstrap-components==0.13.1
- dash-core-components==2.0.0
- dash-extensions==0.0.60
- dash-html-components==2.0.0
- dash-renderer==1.9.1
- dash-table==5.0.0
- dash-tabulator==0.4.2
- dash-uploader==0.5.0
- plotly-express==0.4.1