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Donwload a PDF with multiple graphics

i have a Dash with text and graphs in it.
I would like to Download some texts and Graph that appear in my Dash with a Download PDF buttom.

So then I can use these pdfs as reports.

for example:

Date selector Title with my date

                            Graph1                                      Graph2

                            Graph3                                      Graph4


So the PDFs must include Title with my date, Graph1, Graph2, Graph3, Graph4, Text1, Text2, but no the Date selector.

What language are you using for development?

for Python -
You might want to check out a python package called pdfkit/selenium, it helps generating PDF with web links. If you are using Chrome for main browser, you will need to add chrome_options.add_argument('--headless') to your script which helps you get ride of the date on the header.

Or simply, check out the vanguard report on dash app gallery. This report includes a detailed walk through on download PDF button.

Good luck!

Hi where is the walkthrough for that dash app? Thanks