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Does functionality of deprecated "dash-table-experiments" exist in current dash?

Is there a current and working dash datatable example with a similar functionality as this deprecated example?

dash-table-experiments states:

This example demonstrates the user’s ability to select data points either in the table which updates the plot, or in the reverse, select points on the graph which updates the selection on the table.
This functionality is beautifully shown in action here: https://codeburst.io/notes-from-the-latest-plotly-js-release-b035a5b43e21
Unfortunately this package is no longer supported and the user is referred to plotly datatables. I’ve not been able to find an example in the current plotly/dash datatable that has a similar functionality. Actually, to me it seems that this functionality is not possible. Please prove me wrong!! It would be highly appreciated to get such an example. Many thanks!!