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Docker, Dash, EC2 & Multiple Apps

Some other threads such as Multiple Dashboards? talk about using multiple dash apps on a single Dash instance.
One suggestion was to have separate instances, one for each dash app to allow for easy code development and modification without having to reload everything (all apps) each time.

That works for my needs as it would be much simpler to put new dash apps into their own Docker container with all the required images to run that app, maintain it as it’s own repo on github and to make the most efficient use of an EC2 instance.

My challenge is to allow multiple Nginx/Gunicorn containers to appear as separate endpoints if I want to surface the dash plots in say a WP blog which only can be done by using iFrames. These iFrames have to originate from HTPPS as well so that adds another level of complication to this.

Any suggestions, comments or feedback will be attentively consumed.