Python Dash/Flask Same app multiple instances not working

Hello, im trying to create a program for dynamic webplot creation.

With every button press a new dashboard instance should be spawned. The dash app used is always the same.

So if i have my thread = threading.Thread(target=newapp.mainFunction, args=(port,)) and in newapp.mainFunction i create my dash app with callbacks and layout on given port. If i create one instance my app works fine, i can do everything, all callbacks work. If I try to create two dash apps with calling the same function, it seems that it is the same flask app.

I run both of them (lets call them instance 1 and instance 2 ), go to my broswer, change some input to get a new plot on instance 1 AND when i refresh the instance 2 site, it just shows the same as the instance 2. Does anyone know what needs to be done when creating multiple instances of same dash app?

Thanks in advance!