django-plotly-dash argument in template

I need to send initial data from my template to my dash script. I found demo of it here looks like this:

{</span>% plotly_app name="simpleexample-1" initial_arguments='{"dropdown-color": {"value": "green"}}' %}

I need to do the same and do it like this:

{% plotly_app name="SimpleExample" initial_arguments='{"id": {"value": "2"}}' %}

but how i get in my dash script? (Id should be like variable (i need to use this in all project) )

@dimabytes its not clear what the issue is here. The initial arguments are the starting values for properties of the components; so in the example you give the component labelled dropdown-color has a property value whose initial value will be green.

If you want to set the value of something outside of one of the components, then the best way would be to change your code to get the value through a component; a hidden div is useful for this. One useful approach is for this component content to contain enough information to then fetch content using the ORM.