Django dash app loading window within window


I’ve put together a Django project that contains some dash pages. I’m trying to get a callback to load another url which will open or refresh a completely new page but so far all I’ve achieved to do is load the new entire page within the original dash window I.e. I end up with two side menus, two nav bars stacked side to side and on top of one another. Things work but obviously not practical or aesthetic from a user perspective. Has anyone had any experience with this?

The way things are setup is that a html file loads the file so I’m guessing the callback is loading the html file with the next app in place of the file causing the problem so I need to almost go outside the app if that makes sense, something like calling the Django or file.

Apologies if the above is confusing or simplistic I’ve only been coding a few months. Would really appreciate any help.

Managed to solve it, issue was that I was using plotly_app rather than plotly_direct in the html file