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Displaying dataframe while taking input from dropdown widget

I am trying to make a web app whose general layout is :

Upload a .csv file.
Display the full dataframe.
There are dropdown widgets containing columns and select categories from the dropdown widget and then display the resulting dataframe.
Also apply formulas to existing columns and form resulting columns.

Please help me how to do this.

I am stuck at updating the dataframes to be displayed after taking the input from dropdown widget.

Hi, and thanks for writing in.

You’ll have to be a bit more clear on what you’re looking for, and I would start making smaller examples to slowly bring in the full functionality.

Uploading csvs should be pretty straightforward, but I would start out with a well defined CSV. Try to use dash datatables to show the data, and practice using callbacks to filter your data. is a good place to go for an example using filtered pandas dataframes to populate a graph. I would start trying to recreate something like this with your data, and using datatables to display the results.