Display plot with x axis initially using plotly.js

Hi, i am trying to display a time series using plotly.js.

there are configuration parameters which doesn’t seem to work.
Here is a codepen that i created to demonstrate this issue. https://codepen.io/sunnymittal/pen/pNyGvp

e.g. xaxis.zeroline=true doesn’t cause the zero line to be visible by default. althought if i zoom out a bit then i can see the x axis line. but default view doesn’t show it, may be its something to do with default zoom ? is there some other property for showing plot initially with x axis included ?
Also observed that even if i set the zeroline property to false, then also it keeps showing the x axis on zoom out.

also xaxis.showline=true / false doesn’t seem to have any effect.

Also would like to know, how to hide the default toolbar that pops up on the right side top on plot hover.
Thanks alot in advance.

This codepen here https://codepen.io/etpinard/pen/qqNbyJ should answer all your questions.

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Thanks heaps, its exactly what i needed.