Display hover data on sun-burst only for the far outer circle


My goal is to plot a sun-burst with multiple hover info variables on the far outer circle of the sun-burst, but not on the more inner circles. As the hover infos are specific to the objects of the far outer circle, it is not relevant for me to display these hover infos on the more inner circles.

Currently, these hover infos display on the more inner circles with the string β€œ(?)” as I believe this is the default behavior.

It becomes a problem for me as I want to display a dozen hover info variables for the outer circle parts, and these variables are all present and comes with a β€œ(?)” for the parents circles.

The attached example depicts the problem the hover info variable named β€œCycles__c”.

I have searched the Docs, the web and the community forums without finding further help on the issue.

Thanks in advance for helping if you know a workaround !
sun-burst1 sun-burst2