Display full yaxis range of traces on range slider, even though y axis range on chart is not

When the y axis range is set to a custom range, I would like to have the traces displayed on the range slider show the full y axis range.

For example, in this graph I managed to display the y axis range for the min, max y values on the selected x axis. However, that same y axis range is set to the range slider. I would like that not to be the case, so as to have the range slider display the traces for the whole y axis range.

try setting autorange to false on the y axis

Edit: Didn’t read the question correctly. You only want to fix the autorange for the rangeslider.

Yes, only for the rangeslider. The range slider is following the y axis range. It would be great to have an option for the rangeslider to display the full y axis range (which is the way highlight charts works, at least on FRED’s charts) or only the currently displayed y axis range.