Discrete Color Map in graph_objects Box plot

I am attempting to plot 1-D data vertically for multiple categorical groups, with the points colored based on a different set of data. I have gotten the chart how I want it using the Express box plot, however I want to add a heatmap above (using subplot traces) but Express apparently does not support traces currently.

fig = px.box(samples, y=y_axis, x='level_0', color=marker_color,
             category_orders={marker_color: marker_color_var.to_list()[::-1]},
             boxmode='overlay', color_discrete_map=vals_colors,
fig.update_traces(line={"color": "rgba(255,255,255,0)"}, jitter=0.03, pointpos=0, fillcolor="rgba(255,255,255,0)")

Is there a way to use this express box plot as a subplot trace? Alternatively, I have also tried to recreate this plot using the graph_objects box plot, however there is no parameter corresponding to color_discrete_map. Is it possible to use data to color the points in a box plot?