Disable ellipses in AgGrid and instead have a horizontal scroll bar

Hi team,
Thanks a lot so far for your help and support.

I have a dash ag grid wrapped in Modal.
Ag Grid by default truncate my long text and displays ellipses instead.

I’d like to disable this feature and make a horizontal scroll bar. such that my user scroll to right and see the rest of the text in my grid.

Any help is appreciated here.


Hello @231530353,

Theres not really a way to determine the size of the cell based upon the text. You can use autoSize but this wont work all the time, especially if your text is really long.

What you can do is set your overflow in the columnDef to be overflow: "auto", this will add a scroll bar to the cell when needed.

Other than that, you can make your column size really large.

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Thanks for your reply. I enlarged the column size, found it the best approach at the moment.

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