Determine trigger input for client-side callbacks

The “Advanced Callbacks” section of the documentation describes how to determine which input triggered a (multi input) server-side callback.

Is there a way to determine which input triggered a client-side callback?

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Are you referring to this?:

ctx = dash.callback_context
triggered_input = ctx.triggered[0]['prop_id']

triggered_input here then is basically the triggered input component’s ID.

Thanks. Should this work in a client-side callback? I get the following error in my browser console:
Reference error: dash is not defined

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I see that client-side callback_context was added in version 1.13.0 via #1240, but dash_clientside.callback_context shows up as undefined for me. I’m running Dash version 1.19.

How does one access dash_clientside.callback_context?

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I just wanted to bump this topic; I have the same question and would appreciate an answer as well!

You can use window.dash_clientside.callback_context which has the same attributes as the server side one.