Detect if Lines Overlap or Color change (Intersection)


I have several lines I am making and trying to find out when or if any of the lines ever overlap based on the x and y coordinates.

Does a feature exist to detect if lines will overlap or not? If yes, how can I obtain that information?

Please see my code below what I am doing.

So basically, when a line could overlap at any given point, obviously the color gets darker but I want to know where the point is OR just if in general it overlaps.

var data = [Test, Test2, Test3];

var layout = {
width: 700,
height: 700,
xaxis: {
type: ‘log’,
range: [3,5] // Log Range. 10^n
yaxis: {
type: ‘log’,
range: [-2,3] // Log Range. 10^n

Thank you!