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Deselect Event - Why is selectedData persisted after deselection? [Fixed]

I’m not sure if this is a bug or I’m missing something, but it appears there is no event when points are deselected from a chart. A great example of this is in the docs:

When you deselect (I have been double clicking) using the lasso or rectangular select tool, selectedData stays the same and contains the data you previously selected.

This makes it somewhat impossible to do crossfiltering if you want the default behavior of charts that crossfilter to be displaying all of the data. Any way to “deselect” and have crossfiltered charts go back to displaying all the data (ie by making selectedData empty so it works with conditionals?)

Thanks for reporting @pbaumgartner! This seems like a bug to me. I’ll work on a fix this week :+1:

Awesome, thanks for the response @chriddyp!

Issue for reference:

Issue has been fixed. See for all the details :slight_smile:

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