selectedData does not update on deselection with Scattergeo or Scattermapbox

Upon initial inspection this appears to be the same problem discussed in github issue #97 but for Scattergeo and Scattermapbox figures. After selecting points with the box select or lasso select tool on the map the selectedData property of the figure will not reset even if the user double clicks on the map to deselect all points. Can someone else confirm this behavior to ensure it’s not just poor programming on my part?

I believe this is a false alarm. I built a simple cross filter app and it is behaving as it should which indicates there is a problem in my main app. Please ignore for now. I’ll delete this thread if I’m allowed after confirming the problem is fixed in my main app.

Update: This problem was resolved by moving the geoScatter plot to its own callback function. No bug in Dash, just bad programming on my part!