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Deploying Dash App to Intranet

Forgive me if my terminology is not great I have just started using Dash and web development in general.

I wrote a dash app that works fine on my local machine but now I would like to upload that app to my work’s intranet. The admins of the server have given me a website and provided me with the port.

The site should be located at the address http://xxxx:3000

I tried simply using the bottom part of my dash code to deploy that with the following bit of code:

if name == ‘main’:
app.run_server(debug=False, host=‘xxxx’, port = 3000)

That has given me the error “OSError: [WinError 10049] The requested address is not valid in its context”

The server admin said the way they create web apps is to add html files to a local folder on a virtual desktop from which the server pulls data. Do I need to rewrite the web app components of my dash app in html to deploy this site to my intranet server?

Hi! I have exactly the same problem. Developed a dash app and now I want to post it on intranet. Have you managed to resolve this issue?