Deploying dash app on own pc server

I created simple dash app and i used my host and port as
if name == ‘main’:
this is redirecting to it is working fine in my pc when i share this link to another system with same wifi network connection it is not working how can i do that.
when i use windows7 version pc it is working not working with windows 10 is there any way to run it on another pc

Hello @aparna1,

It sounds like a firewall issue on the windows 10 machine. Does that machine think it is on a private or public network?

Also, instead of statically assigning your ip, you can use ‘’ to assign your computers ip automatically. Even if you get a different ip address. Then use the router to assign a static ip address instead of the computer. This will help to avoid ip conflicts if your computer is off the network for some reason.

Hi jinny,

with static IP also iam getting same error and network iam using is public

Network for the windows 10 machine should be set to private to allow for intranetwork communication.

yes tried that also but still problem persists i used this
if name == ‘main’:

When it runs, what ips does it tell you it’s running on?

default port 8050 only its running

in my client system it is showing refused to connect

Wait… this is an external ip4 address.

You are wanting to expose your home network to the outside?

if i want to share the link ip:port to another system dash app has to be run on another system same wifi only iam using for both systems

Ok, you need to look for the internal ip address. The one you are trying to use is the external ip address.

Again, what ips does the server say it is running on when it boots up. It should say 2… ip and your internal ip.