Deletable and Editable checklist

Hello guys, I am new on dash and plotly and looking for some help. Can anyone tell me how to make a list from df with checkboxes where can be deletable and editable.

Welcome to the community!

Can you please explain a bit more? As I understand it, you have a DataFrame with values that should be displayed on a page as checkboxes and you want to be able to edit the values of or delete said checkboxes (and in the DataFrame as well)?

Yes, tha is what I was thinking. Below is a example list (the same time these are header of a table) and I want to link with a graph plotly. But firstly I want to make this list editable and if is necessary to delete some of list items.
Ex list:

  • Gender
  • YakinmaOksuruk
  • YakinmaAtes

Any suggestion or any help on this please?