Create a table with checkboxes for each row and a button

Hello everyone . I new in ploty . So my target is to create a table with checkboxes for each of its row . And a button , let’s call it “read table” , that when is pressed it , read the table and then from the rows that have their checbox selected , caught their values and save it in array . And here is the tricky part , my idea would be DELETE this values that were selected inside of a txt file .
For example : if i selected the checkbox of the row that contains in the name column “dog” , the word dog (when the button “read table” ) will be pressed , will be delete in txt file . I know it’s a little bit tricky , but i would need your help for figure how to do it . Thanks

Check this out; scroll down to “Adding or removing rows”

I think it might accomplish what you are trying to do

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