dcc.Graph's staticPlot keyword argument not getting recognized

I am getting the following error when I try to use the keyword argument staticPlot of dcc.Graph:

TypeError: The `dcc.Graph` component (version 2.6.2) received an unexpected keyword argument: `staticPlot`
Allowed arguments: animate, animation_options, className, clear_on_unhover, clickAnnotationData, clickData, config, extendData, figure, hoverData, id, loading_state, mathjax, prependData, relayoutData, responsive, restyleData, selectedData, style

I tried to set staticPlot following the documentation here: Graph | Dash for Python Documentation | Plotly. I have dash 2.6.2, which is the latest version of dash as of now. I just want to display a static graph. Would appreciate any help!

Hello @ray26,

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Just taking a guess here, but according to the documentation link, the staticPlot should be inside the config argument as a dictionary:

dcc.Graph(figure=fig, config={'staticPlot':True})

If that doesnt work, could you please post an MRE so that we can diagnose?


@jinnyzor Thanks! It worked.

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