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DataTable with Core Components as Input Parameters

I am very impressed by the SVM Explorer dashboard.

It inspired me to create a similar dashboard for a project that interests me, but there is a key difference. Instead of the main graph (contour plot), I am trying to insert a DataTable that is linked by callbacks to the core components on the left side of the app.

I completed Udemy’s course on Plotly and Dash, and learned the basics, but the course did not cover data-tables. [sigh]

I have spent a couple of weeks trying to understand it, but I am stuck. I’m not good enough with Dash to know how to replace all of the scikit-learn (which generates the dataset) and model generation code with new code that creates a DataTable from a csv and then changes the core components from input parameters (for scikit-learn functions) to DataTable filters.

For the experts on here, does this sound like a challenge for only the most advanced Dash users, or something that a new Dash user could accomplish?