Datatable Multipage not showing up

Sorry to ask again but unfortunately i’ve ran into another problem right away which i’ve been unable to solve.

I have a two page set up with both pages having a dash data table with different data.
The first page and datatable loads just fine but whenever i open the second page the data table wont show up. I wen’t ahead and made sure that there are no ID duplicates which is not the case

I suppose it is the same cause described in this old thread:

html.Div(dt.DataTable(rows=[{}]), style={‘display’: ‘none’}),

The suggested fix unfortunately doesn’t seem to work anymore since dash data table has no rows argument anymore.

I tried

html.Div(dt.DataTable(data=[{}]), style={'display': 'none'}),

instead but with no sucess

Hello @mvnchi,

Could you please provide the code to recreate the issue that you are describing?

Or an MRE?

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I could not replicate the error with an MRE.

I stripped the code and rebuild it one by one and it suddenly works now.
I gave the second table a seperate id using id= instead of using the walrus operator which might have been the issue. Even though both tables were named differently