DataTable missing vertical scroll bar after adding bootstrap theme

I added a bootstrap theme (bootswatch) because I wanted to use a few functions provided in that library. However, it has removed my vertical scroll bar from my DataTable. It also removed the “x” in the column that I can use to remove the rows. How can I fix that? Do I need to add some CSS to override? Please advise. Thanks.

Hello! That definitely sounds like strange behavior.

Can you provide a small code sample that reproduces the issue? A screenshot would also help.

What web browser are you using and on what platform (windows, macos, linux)? And what version of Dash and the DataTable are you using?

What versions of dash and bootstrap components are you using? In the past, there was a css conflict between dash datatable and the bootstrap components. It was described here: DataTable Incorrectly Displayed at Left and Right Edge and Distort after update columns

Nevertheless, I had the impression that this conflict was resolved in the newer versions of dash and should not occur anymore. Anyways, you can give it a shot.

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Yes, upgrading did fix the issue. Thanks!