Datatabe: Paste Single Cell value into multiple cells? (like excel)

Suppose i type a value into a single cell. I can copy it with ctrl+c

Then, suppose i select the rest of the column, then paste with ctrl+v

Columns other than the single selected cell remain unchanged (the selected cell remains unchanged because the pasted value is the same)

Is there a way to paste a single selected value into an arbitrarily large number of cells? I thought about trying to hook the pasting action using the selected_cells property, but I dont actually think that the editing is a “callbackable” event.


Hello @rictuar,

You could probably do a clientside callback to get this to work.

Thanks, I will look into this.

My intuition is that I need to confirm that clientside_callbacks can be triggered by “javascript events”. In this example, the callback is triggered by dash components

You can trigger a click event via JavaScript. :grin: