Dataset not ordered for box plots

Hello everyone,

I have been trying to generate box plots for a dataset.

The box plot generated by Plotly is not sorted in ascending or descending order, rather the median, q1,q2, min and max are displayed based on their index position.

To further explain, a small pandas.Series of size 23 is being plotted by Plotly as a box plot with max=17.03, min = 7.79, q1 = 26.95, q3 = 12.49 and median = 1.19, these values are not ordered and they are simply the values present in the first, last, q1, q2 and median positions.

Is there a way to override this as I have also tried by removing and/or replacing indexing.

Could anyone please share insights on why even after sorting the Series (verified that the sorting is working with print statements), plotly is still taking these values unsorted or unordered and displaying them in the box plots.

Also, can this error be changed while plotting?

Any response will be greatly appreciated. Thank you :slightly_smiling_face: