Data Table Virtualization bug(?): contents show up blank/white when changing the tables display (from hidden to visible)

Suppose this very simple code example of a Data Table with Virtualization enabled that is wrapped inside a div:

app.layout = html.Div([
                    [{'id': 'col1', 'name': 'col1', 'editable': False}] +
                    [{'id': 'col2', 'name': 'col2', 'type': 'numeric'}]
            data=[ {'col1': i, 'col2': i} for i in range(1000) ],
                'height': 240,
                'width': 290,
                'overflowY': 'auto'
        style={'display': 'block'},
    html.Button('hide/show', id='display_btn')

There is a button used to toggle the display of the div (and therefore of the table) between ‘block’ and ‘none’ to hide or show the table:

    Output('table_div', 'style'),
    [Input('display_btn', 'n_clicks')],
    [State('table_div', 'style')]
def hide_show(clicks, table_display):
    if clicks is None:
        raise PreventUpdate
    if table_display == {'display': 'none'}:
        return {'display': 'block'}
    return {'display': 'none'}

The bug/problem:
When you press the button to hide the div/table and then press the button again to show the div/table, the content of the table shows up blank. The header and the scroll bar are still visible though. Furthermore as soon as you scroll the table will show up immediately. Seems to be a bug with virtualization.

Here is a short demo video:

I had an idea for a workaround that the callback would have an aditional output that would force an action (kinda like a scroll) that would make the table visible but I dont really know what output would do this. Also this would obviously be a dirty workaround and not a good solution.

Anyone has suggestions for working workarounds to make the table appear without having to manually scroll?

What version of Dash do you have? We just fixed a related bug in v1.3, released yesterday 📣 Dash 1.3.0 released - just curious whether that fix covers this case too. (cc @Marc-Andre )

I am using the most recent version 1.3 of Dash. As far as I know this bug already was a thing on previous versions as well.