Data table like Excel for line charts, outputting to PNG

Hello all! I’m very new to this - kind of crash-course taught myself enough Python and plotly to get about 90% where I want to be, and I can use some help getting over this hump.

I’m generating line charts with 2 series on them, and would like to show the values of each of those series’ points underneath the x axis, like Excel does when you add a “data table” to the chart.

The end result is being pushed to a PNG, which is why I want the data table (rather than just hovering over the SVG generated by The resultant PNG is then being sent to Discord.

Appreciate being pointed in the right direction. I’m not using Dash - should I be, for this kind of thing?

And to be clear, I only want to show the Y values. It’s essentially a sequential chart that isn’t a time series, so I don’t really care what the X value is. Basically an overgrown dice throw.