Dast-table suddenly not editable


I have an app with some editable dash-tables, which worked flawlessly. But while I was playing around with with the feature “Updating Columns of the Same Table” described in the documentation, I got an “Error loading dependecies” message in the browser.

Since that happened, I have not been able to edit my tables. I have tried to uninstall and reinstall dash-table, but it did not change anything.

Here is one of the tables:

                            [{'id': p, 'name': p}
                                for p in ['x[mm]', 'y[mm]']]
                        data=[{'x[mm]':  '200', 'y[mm]':  '200'},
                              {'x[mm]': '-200', 'y[mm]':  '200'},
                              {'x[mm]': '-200', 'y[mm]': '-200'},
                              {'x[mm]':  '200', 'y[mm]': '-200'}],

Turned out I had a callback function that interfering in some way. So problem is solved.

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