Dashtable: css and multiple headers = issue?


I’ve been trying to apply CSS style on my mutiple header, without success.

At this point, I think there might be a glitch.

The problematic statement is:

                            'if': {'column_id': c},
                            'borderRight': '1px solid black',
                     }  for c in ['S1_Brand', 'S2_Brand', 'S3_Brand', 'S4_Brand']

(Each of my subheader has a unique ID starting with S1_, S2_ S3_ or S4_)

Result is:

Why the style is not applied on the “Step 2”, “Step 3”, “Step 4” cells, which are the “top header” ?
It’s only applied on the subheaders + first cell of top header.:thinking:

I just ran into this problem with my own dashboard. Apparently the references to the items in the Multi-header line (Step 1, Step 2, Step 3 and Step 4) are tied to references in the actual columns (Brand, Mod.A, Mod.B, Mod.C, etc…). Because of the way these references are tied, when I make styling changes to the actual columns, the multi-header items will be affected as explained below:

  • Brand -> Step 1
  • Mod.A -> Step 2
  • Mod.B -> Step 3
  • Mod.C -> Step 4

I haven’t found a way to resolve this bug to be able to independently change the styling options for the multi-header.