DashBio Alignment Chart/Sequence Viewer

I am using dash bio to view multiple sequences that are read from a Fasta file. Everything seems to work fine but I am wondering if there is a way to change the numbering that appears at the bottom of the sequence chart. The sequences I am reading follow a very specific numbering scheme and I want the users to be able to see the numbers that are traditionally used.
Please let me know if this is a functionality that can be utilized within dash bio alignment chart.
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HI @Jeffy011 ,

I have never worked with this before. I assume, you are talking about something similar to the example from the help pages?

Could you mark the numbers/ numbering scheme you would like to change? And how would you want it to that look like then?

Or maybe you could provide a MRE?

Thank you for your response. I apologize for the lack of clarification in my explanation. You are correct, this is regarding the AlignmentChart as part of the bioinformatics visualization tool of Dash. I have attached a picture here which shows the numbering scheme that is automatically generated by the alignment chart. Those are the numbers I would like to change. Ideally, a toggle would be great so the users can switch between the numbering scheme provided by dash or use the numbering scheme that is typically used in my field. Similarly, if I could even display both the numbering schemes at together. But is there a way to change those numbers at all?
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With the argument ticksteps you can set the interval for the numbers, default value is 6, that’s why you see, 1,7,13…

With tickstart you can set the start of the numbering- which does not work if overview mode ‘slider’ is applied.



For the example form the help site we get:

Are you able to reproduce your numbering scheme with this?