Dash Bio 1.0.0 ! ๐ŸŽ‰

We are pleased to announce that Dash Bio 1.0.0 has been released! :tada: :dna: :test_tube:

Dash Bio is a one-stop-shop for bioinformatics and drug development visualizations. It contains a suite of components and tools to parse and visualize files from common bioinformatics databases.

pip install dash-bio

We are so excited about the Dash Bio 1.0.0 release!! The updates in this version result from listening to your requests for simplification and optimization. It offers new ways to parse data files, has increased the performance and feature list of old components, and includes the release of new components.

Major Dash Bio Upgrades:

  • Dash Bio Utils is integrated with Dash Bio
  • All Molecular components support PDB, mmcIF
  • New component: JSME

Click here for the full Medium article.


Scale will be a challenge for long sequences. Can these plots stream data from a sliding window within file? e.g. moving the needle/alignment plot left and right would change the section of the file being viewed.

another challenge i have previously ran into with manhattan plots there are way too many points to render; so you would want to set a bottom threshold too

vcf support

These are great suggestions, thank you! We will incorporate them in future releases of Dash Bio!

  • Emilie

Thanks for the great work.

Any thoughts on rewriting the IGV component so that it reads files directly off the server? It seems like would potentially be a big gain in terms of performance, and it would also eliminate workarounds like this Dash-Bio load local files into igv-component - #2 by chubukov