DashApp on Digitalocean or other servers

First, Congratulations to Chris & Plotly for creating such a great Python framework. I can immediately see plethora of uses for Dash for data scientists.

I have used plotly & python extensively to build graphs for analysis etc.

Yesterday I made a Dash app and able to run successfully on local server (desktop). I’m trying to port it to a web-server for purpose of sharing but unable to do it as I have zero background in Flask. Though I’m able to install basic Flask Apps but somehow unable to get the DashApp work on web-server.

Just asking if anyone here has implemented a Dash App on DigitalOcean or Linode servers etc. If so, some pointers will be great.


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I managed to do it on a linux web server, so it is possible.
What error messages are you getting?

Finally able to do this using nginx, gunicorn, wsgi & flask.

If anyone needs help, let me know.

@raghunath Do you have a multi-app setup, or one-page app?
I am able to serve a one-page app with gunicorn or multi-page app, but only with internal (flask) webserver. multi-app+gunicorn result in a bunch of JS errors…

bundle.js:10 Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read property ‘split’ of null
at i (bundle.js:10)
at p._constructComponentWithoutOwner (react-dom.min.js:13)

@Vlad I’m using single-page app. Will try to set-up a multi-page app & see if it works.

I just wrote a deployment guide (for heroku) here: https://plot.ly/dash/deployment. Hope that helps!

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Hi, raghunath, can you share how you achieved that? Did you deploy your app on DigitalOcean?

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