Dash-vtk for visualizing unstructured mesh grids and integrating with Ansys

First of all thank you to the Plotly team for developing Dash! Its awesome.
I am a mechanical engineer by trade but build a few apps here and there to package analysis / data processing tools. Before Dash I was using pyqtgraph to build small apps, but delivering through a server using Dash allows a much wider audience.

I was pretty excited when I heard about Dash-vtk. A few years ago I dabbled in python-VTK (with pyqtgraph) to create a tool to visualize / post-process structural analysis results (unstructured grid mesh) without the expensive commercial solver.
Dash has been my recent go-to for all other apps so I thought I’d see if dash-vtk could work for my use case (specifically unstructured mesh grids with cell scalar data). I didn’t notice any unstructured grid examples so I want sure unstructured grids would be supported.

Long story short: dash-vtk works for unstructured grids out of the box and it feels very smooth. I wrote up a little Medium article walking through an example. Check it out or just check out the associated github repo for the example.



shkiefer/dash_vtk_unstructured: An example Dash app with dash_vtk for viewing unstructured mesh data. (github.com)


So nice, thanks for sharing this! Love your walkthrough on Medium.

Ditto :-). Great to see it here … Thanks again for the initial article, which we were able to profile on LinkedIn and Twitter … I look forward to seeing relevant use cases. As you note in the article, since your initial investigations (using v0.7) there has been a v0.9 release that has some performance improvements to facilitate working with larger files.