Dash Upload Specific File from Client

I’ve seen a lot of examples of dcc.Upload where you can drag and drop, or have the user select a file. But I know where the file is saved on the client side. Is it possible to have an input where the person will click a button and the file will be loaded from their PC onto the dash server?

Hi batting_a_zero

Did you see this example?

The children attribute of the Upload component accepts any Dash component. Clicking on the children element will trigger the upload action, as will dragging and dropping files. Here are a few different ways that you could style the upload component using standard Dash components.


Hi, thanks for the response. I did see that example. That doesn’t help me pass in a location to tell dash to upload from say C:\Users%username%\Downloads\filename.csv for example

Hi batting_a_zero

Look this maybe can help.