Dash Table setting dynamic height

I try to achieve that Table adjust height to take only as much of vertical space as is needed to display rows.
If there are 3 rows, I want the height to adjust accordingly.
When Table shrinks I want page elements sitting under to be pulled up to maintain +/- same space below the Table.

On max side I want to set it to, say, 800px with Y scroll. kicking in when necessary.

I can not figure out how to set parameters. Need help.

Here is my approach:

                # 'height': "650px",
                # 'minHeight': '100px',
                'maxHeight': '750px', 
                'overflowY': 'scroll',
# #                # 'width': 1800, #'auto',
                 'minWidth': '100%',
#                  'overflowX': 'scroll',

This works, except max height falls to about 500px (I think it is default). I’d like to have more than that.

When I ‘un-hash’ height:650px, it works except elements from below are not pulled up as I delete rows (table shrinks but div below don’t move).

I’m thinking about creating callback to switch between both settinggs to get desired behavior but maybe there is a better way.