How to edit a CSS - Dash Datatable height as % of container

Hi, i’m unable to set the height of a table to match the constrained heigth of a container:

table = dbc.Container(
                            id = 'tbl',
                            row_selectable = 'single',
                            selected_rows = [None],
                            selected_row_ids = [None],
                            columns=[{'id': c, 'name': c ,  'type': table_type(df[c]), 'format':table_format(df[c])} for c in df.columns 
                                     # omit the id column
                                     if c != 'id'
                            page_action = 'none',
                            style_table = {
                                           "max-height": "100%",
                                           #"height": "80vh",
                                           #"height" : "20vh", 
                            sort_action = 'native',
                            # page_size=5,
                            fixed_rows = {"headers": True, "data": 0},
                            virtualization = True,
                            hidden_columns = [None],
                            style_cell = {
                                # 'minWidth': '180px', 
                                #'width': '85px', 
                                #'maxWidth': '180px',
                                {'if': {'column_id': chem_columns}, 'width': '100px'},
                            style_data_conditional = get_style_data_conditional()
                                # col_width_computated,
                            css=[{"selector": ".show-hide", "rule": "display: none"}],
                style={"height": "100%", "border": "5px #8c2c5c solid"}

i’ve tried to delet all the option but none worked.
Is there any advice?

i?ve found that, by having a look with the DevTool of chrome, if I set the height:100% in the class dah-table-container it works!
Unfortunately I’ve no idea how to do it in the python code…