Dash Table Output Too Large

I have a dataframe I’m creating that I want my users to be able to download. I’m currently using the DashTable option with its export capability. The problem is, the table can get really large and rendering the entire table is taking much longer than I want.

I’d be happy only showing part of the table and then having the export button have the entire data set.

Anyone have ideas on how to do this?

Hey there,

Would this solve your problem?


If not, I would suggest that you decouple your components.

So I would do the following, split up your dataframe source data and your dataframe display data. Ideally, you’d have components like a filter/slider/textbox/etc that the user would toggle to control what’s displayed but not the underlying source data. What if you want the source data to change sometimes? Easy- just create another set of components that toggle only the source data.

Does that make sense/ is that helpful?

I can expand and show an example of this but since the first solution could also work I’ll stick with just this.

Hope it helps.