Dash subplots with multiple x-axis

I have a go.Histogram() chart in dash where I’m trying to plot two datasets with different scales (e.g., 0 to 3 units, and 0 to 3000 units). I’d like to have two x-axis so the user can see both histograms without having to choose between the data using the zoom.
I’m trying to use the fig.update_xaxes shown here (Subplots) with the multiple axis shown here (Multiple Axes) - but for x not y - and trying to achieve the example below. Not sure if I’m going down the right path or not, any pointers towards possible solutions are very much appreciated.
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Hi tricep_gimnasia

Maybe can help you the answer of jlfsjunior


Hello Samuel - thank you for taking the time to respond - very much appreciated. Reviewing the link, it looks like it references to the same Dash fundamentals pages I linked to in the question. Have you come across any other posts that have a working solution with two x-axis? Possible something similar to the temperature image provided as a reference? Thanks again! TG

I will gladly put the solution if I find something, greetings