Dash Graphs Sharing Axes Like Subplots

I have a heatmap that, on click, populates a second scatter plot. It looks something like this:

When I click somewhere within a row of the heatmap, the scatter plot shows details pertaining to that row (image shows state if I clicked somewhere in the heatmap on the row labelled 3). I’d like them to be plotted on a common x axis (so they’re easily compared visually, and so if I zoom into the x axis on one it is reflected in the other).

Is there a way to do this by sharing the x-axis across dcc.Graph objects? I understand I can do this using a Figure subplot (like described here) but can I achieve something similar using dcc.Graph’s? At present the code driving these two figures are separate and it feels logical to keep it that way (mainly because the heatmap is driven by a callback responding to other elements in the UI like date ranges and sliders, whereas the scatter plot is driven by a callback on the heatmap. But also because I might want some content (an image or text) placed between these plots).

Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks!